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    I want to explore you again God. Once again, I want to fall on my knees and find out who you are. You touch my heart and change it step by step. You bring me true life. Father, you’re amazing! It fascinates me how you reveal yourself to me. I have everything in you.

    Accept God’s invitation to know Him like never before. 

    T-shirt Know you again was created with @trinite_dielna.

    This black T-shirt is a men’s cut, but can be perfect for women as well if they like.

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    Virgin Mary is a woman that deserves our admiration. She was obedient to God and purer than anyone of us. This T-shirt was created to remember her willing heart and solid faith. Let yourself get inspired by her and don’t forget that anything impossible is possible to God. He is faithful in His promises. 


    This black T-shirt is a men’s cut.

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    God is here. This T-shirt is special because it was inspired by the St. Hildegard chapel in Sliač. This place has a unique sign above the entrance: “The Lord is here and he wants to see you.” The T-shirt combines shiny and matte print. We want to remind you that God is here even if you don’t feel His presence or feel like He is far from you. He is here. He is right beside you

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    Minimalistic white gentleman’s shirt with a decent title God said | You are the light in the darkness. We have created a shirt that reminds you of the airiness and clarity of Father’s words. You are the light and you are here to shine. So, are you ready for the world?

    ▶︎   G O D   S A I D ◀︎

    We bring you a new collection called God said. We believe it is time for the truths that God has spoken about us to be shown and remembered. It’s time for your faith to be rooted. It’s time for you to start believing that Gods mercy is on you and has a good plan for your life.

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    Men’s T-shirt with digital print inspired by video game Tetris. Jesus is not playing according to the rules of this world. So when everybody saw an end, Jesus saw a fresh start and brought us a chance to start all over again.

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    God’s touch that formed the world is hidden in rustling leaves, in scent of beautiful flowers. He created astonishing views and seamed them with wild rivers. His touch has brought to life the world we live in. Let’s stop and listen to the rhythm of the day. The Father whispers His words of love through all He created. 

    We would love to introduce the TOUCH collection created with @trinite_dielna. The collection is inspired by the creation of the world, God’s touch and His unique mark that formed the world. And since you are His reflection, your touch carries the power to bring healing, hope or to show that you care.

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    There is more! That’s why we cross our logo!

    The print is a combination of two different materials. Mate text and shiny print looking like a piece of tape. You are invited to cross your own logo to declare that Jesus is your logo!

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    Unique oversized men’s T-shirt made by our partner from Banská Bystrica. We are so grateful for this cooperation! This T-shirt is a true Slovak product and is here to remind you that it’s all about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Each of them transforms us and transcends us.

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    Apricot T-shirt that suits both men and women. The print Greatest Love is inspired by 1 Corinthians 13. The greatest of these is love. Love matters the most, because if we have all treasures and do not have love, we are nothing. Love gives sense to our lives when it is the real, honest love motivated by Christ.

    And! This T-shirt suits women very well, too!

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    Red men’s polo shirt with embroidery Real life in Jesus. We believe that this polo shirt will find its fans. The embroidery is elegant, almost hidden but still readable. Find true life in Christ and live like a son of the King.

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